Sunday, February 10, 2013


Aloha and welcome to the GTRMix blog! My goal in authoring these posts is to help aspiring musicians further their mixing capabilities in their own studios. For starters, every musician who finds this blog is welcome here. The blog title is targeted towards those of us who have selected the corruptive instrument, the guitar, as their means of expression (including myself). Like any dedicated musician, each instrument comes with its own perspective in the grand spectrum of the mix, both live and in the studio. That perspective, if not kept in check, can taint even the best song in the world. Now, there is hope!!! Don't stop reading here. The goal (again, with any instrument) is whilst in the studio, specifically your own studio, one must learn to step out from behind your pedals, rig, or drum set, and into the mix engineer's chair and depending on the situation, the producer's chair. This blog will be geared specifically from a guitarist's perspective and hopefully, will help other guitarists craft better mixes and ultimately, a better product. Don't be shy, please chime in with questions and any alternate ideas you may have!